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Environmental Policy

The board of directors of the company define this environmental policy, which is realised through the statements and procedures referenced in our environmental policy manual.

It is the policy of the company to manage our business in the most environmentally responsible manner and to comply with the applicable environmental legislations and with any other requirements necessary, in relation to the environmental aspects of our business.

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees and sub-contractors working on behalf of the company through regular information on the status of our environmental system.

To ensure company and public awareness of this policy, it will be displayed in a prominent position within the organisation and, in an area that is accessible by the public.

The company are committed to;

1. Continually monitor the environmental impact of our operations, minimising landfill waste.

2. Implement the necessary control measures to protect the natural environment, setting objectives and targets in appropriate areas to support our overall commitment to continual improvement.

3. Continually encourage designers to use materials/substances of a nature that is environmentally friendly.

4. Ensure that all employees have received suitable and sufficient information and instruction to act with due consideration for the environment.


Jeremy Illingworth

Chief Executive