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I&G take a proactive approach in building relationships with the wider community, this in turn provides a powerful and effective communication channel to inform the local residents of the works we are undertaking and what affects it may have on them within their community. One valuable communication process we utilise is the I&G Community Newsletters which we distribute in the local area of our schemes which enables the community to have an understanding of the works we are undertaking and also provide’s a direct contact with a key I&G member of staff for that particular project.

To monitor our progress we utilise the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) on our projects. An independent auditor is assigned to assess our site performance against the eight point Code of Considerate Practice which includes: Considerate, Environment, Good Neighbour, Respectful, Safe, Cleanliness, Responsible and Accountable. We feel CCS is what I&G are continuously striving for in that we present an image of competent management, efficiency, awareness of local environmental issues and above all neighbourliness, and in turn this will become a positive advertisement for I&G and benefit not just the direct stakeholders but the community as a whole.


I&G are wholly committed too its environmental mission in conducting its business in compliance with required environmental laws, regulations and permits. We work continuously to improve environmental performance in all our operations, natural resources are conserved to the maximum extent by providing products from recycling to sustainable forestry. Our energy conservation policy is intended to help develop long-term benefits for all employees, clients, neighbours, the wider communities and any stakeholders who maybe affected by our actions. In reflection too this we have achieved the Caesar CSR Certification which validates and demonstrates our commitment as a business.

Supply Chain Management

Due to our suppliers undertaking a key role in the delivery of our schemes, it is of paramount importance that they adhere too and are committed to working too our high standards. To ascertain our supplier’s competency I&G operate a Supply Chain Management (SCM) system that covers the following criteria: Financial, Health & Safety, Environmental, Technical Experience, Insurance, Equal Opportunities and Professional Conduct. In addition to the SCM system we operate we are currently requesting that all suppliers are Constructionline Approved and CHAS Certified to be considered in supplying I&G.

Customer Relations

The most critical activity of any organisation is its approach to dealing with customers. I&G philosophy is to put the customer at the centre of all activities to develop a closer bond, and in turn improve the client’s business aims and deliver schemes in a sustainable manner, working in line with regulated safe practices, introduce cost effective solutions and provide overall product satisfaction. By developing this relationship we at I&G have been successful in achieving framework agreements within the healthcare sector. With this success we aim to penetrate into our other market sectors and build on our current relationships and target further agreements.


The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is of paramount importance. We believe that the vast majority of near misses, incidents and accidents can be avoided with the correct planning, preperation, training and supervision. With our in-house expertise and detailed safety training program we continue to improve our health and safety performance year on year. 

In conjunction with the welfare of our people we are aware of the increasingly diverse society we work within today, I&G vision is to create a fairer culture, where everyone can participate to fulfill their potential. We continually assess and monitor our health, safety and welfare procedures and policies and in doing so we gain the ability to adapt, develop and implement any changes to assist and above all else 'improve' the current systems we have in place. 

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